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In the event of needing to self-isolate or household-isolate, some children may have to be absent from school for up to 14 days. If this is the case, these children and their families can access our Home Learning to make sure that they keep up to speed with the work that is being covered whilst they are away.

Accessing Home Learning

We will provide regular work for any children who are at home for isolating purposes due to COVID-19. We will upload a structure for learning for each year group ready for a Monday morning and ask that parents ensure that their child completes this learning. We will cover a range of subjects and cover some of the learning objectives that are being taught in school. By following this structure, this will ensure that all children (whether in school or not) will have covered the same content. It will help your child not fall behind as a result of being absent from school.

Each Monday, we will upload the relevant links to lessons and resources needed. You will find this document on your child’s class page on Microsoft Teams, in class materials. The home learning will involve the children using some online videos like Oak Academy. We will also include videos created by our staff to facilitate and model some of the learning.

All work completed must be emailed to your child’s year group email address so that teachers can monitor how absent children are doing.

The year group emails are:








How to access our home learning

1. Go to your child’s virtual classroom and click on the class materials tab (see our how to use Teams guide)

2. Have a look at the documents in the weekly folders.

3. Click on any hyperlinks or documents.

4. The children will be able to do all their work independently.

5.  If an individual bubble or the whole school were to close again, children are expected to complete the timetable of work.

6. At the end of the week or period of absence, email all work to your child’s year group email address. Our teachers will monitor their learning.

7. All work will be revisited when children return to school.

If you have questions about the home learning please contact via your child’s email address that teachers will monitor.

The children can ask questions and check their understanding using this email address, during school hours and term-time only. Please be aware that all teachers are working full time in school, so a response may take a bit of time. If a bubble closes teachers will monitor this email whilst isolating.

Please can we remind you of the importance of online safety, when using our home learning and online classrooms.

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