Year 1 Class

Welcome to Year One!

Our class teacher is Miss Bridgewood.

Year One begins the children’s journey into Key Stage One and beyond, so it’s a very important year! We do lots of hands on learning through our inspiring and creative curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Autumn Term – Marvellous Me

This term we explore what it means to be ‘me’! In Science we learn about how amazing our bodies are identifying our body parts and learning about the five senses through exciting investigations and tests. In Art we will learn how to create a self portrait. Through PSHE and D&T we learn about how to keep ourselves healthy, about our mental health, hygiene and keeping safe in our environment. From our Topic we learn about how we have grown and how our toys have changed from when we were babies. We learn about how toys were different in the past for our parents, grandparents and from the Victorian time. From a local walk, we learn about our local town, Wednesfield, and draw maps of where we live.

Spring term – Caring People

This term our focus will be about amazing people we know from today and the past. We will learn about the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, and understand why they are so important to us today. In Science we investigate and learn about materials from the objects we use every day, and understand why it is important to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever we can to help our planet. Through collage in Art, we learn how to reuse materials to create artwork. We also learn about the United Kingdom, its four countries, and of local delicacies and cultures with Barnaby Bear.

Summer Term – Take a Trip

For the Summer term we will take a virtual trip to Spain! We will find out about the seaside towns of our country and others and in DT create a movable sand vehicle perfect for the journey! In Science we learn about the weather and the four seasons, and how weather and the climate can be different in countries around the world. In PSHE we find out about the lives of other children like us that live in many parts of our world.

Phonics and Reading

In Year One your child will learn many reading and decoding skills to nurture their exciting journey into becoming lifelong, fluent readers.

From September we start learning phonics from Phase 3. Most children will have learned these sounds in Reception, so we revisit them alongside similar sounding Phase 5 sounds.

Here are some videos to help support your learning at home:

Pronunciations of Phase 3 sounds:

Pronunciation of Phase 5 sounds:

Alongside phonics and weekly whole class reading comprehension, your child will learn ‘tricky words’. These are Common Exception words, words that your child should be able to read by sight. Take a look inside your reading record, there is a reference inside for the words we practice in class.

In Key Stage One we also have our ‘Read a Rainbow’ challenge! For every 25 books that we read at home or at school, your child will earn a point towards their Rainbow challenge, earning a coloured badge for each milestone.


Homework is sent out every Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday. If you need any help with the homework then please come and chat to me. I am always happy to go through it with you.

Reading books are changed weekly. There will be 2 books going home each week- please try to read with your child every day. The books can be reread with the children to develop fluency and understanding of the text. Little and often is much more beneficial than reading for a long period of time. If you wish to keep a book please state that in your child’s reading record.

To help your children with their mathematics, your child will have their own log in for Numbots. Numbots is an exciting app and website for children to practice their mental maths fluency.

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