Year 2 Class

Welcome to Year 2!

Your time in Year 2 will be packed full with wonderful topics and learning experiences. Exciting visits, workshops and topic days will bring your learning to life. Year 2 is the last year in KS1 and you will have the opportunity to shine as role models to the younger children. Your Teachers will support you throughout the year to use your ‘St. Thomas’ Star Learning Behaviours’ to reach your full potential. You will have the chance to show off everything you have learnt so far at St. Thomas’ during your SATS assessments in May.

Here is an overview of some of the exciting topics and activities you can look forward to in each term in Year 2:     

Autumn Term

Your Autumn term topic is ‘People and Places’. During this topic you will listen to the Katie Morag stories by Mairi Hedderwick and learn all about where she lives on the Isle of Struay. Your History learning will be a study of the fascinating Cadbury Family! In Science, you will learn about the importance of being healthy. You will be inspired by nature in your Art lessons and create sculptures using clay and natural materials. In RE, you will study the religion of ‘Islam’ and listen to stories from the Qur’an. Finally, you will get into the Christmas spirit when designing and making your own Christmas tree decoration in Design Technology!     

Spring Term

During the Spring term you will explore the country of Mexico and learn about its culture and traditions. You will try some Mexican food and even learn a ‘Mexican Hat Dance’! History will be exciting as you find out all about the events of the Great Fire of London. Your Science topic will be all about ‘Materials’ and you will have many opportunities to use your scientific enquiry skills to investigate them. You will enjoy using the Scratch Junior programme to develop your understanding of programming and algorithms. In RE, you will listen to stories from the Bible and consider the messages they convey. You will explore the ‘wonderful world of colour’ in your Art lessons and create your own moving picture in Design Technology.

Summer Term

Your Summer term topic will be ‘World Explorers’. In History, you will find out about some famous explorers from the past and think about the importance of their discoveries. You will have the opportunity to become an explorer yourself as you take part in a field trip to the town of Bridgnorth! In Science, you will explore different habitats on both a world scale and micro-habitats. You will also find out about the fascinating world of plants. In RE, you will learn about different places of worship and take a trip to St. Thomas’ church in Wednesfield. Your Design and Technology topic will be a tasty treat as you design and make your own healthy sandwiches!    

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