Our Curriculum

Learning Together with God

At St. Thomas’ C of E Academy, we have been very busy re-designing our curriculum.

We aim to offer a curriculum which is exciting, challenging, broad and balanced. We want our curriculum to enable each and every child to reach their full potential and access a range of educational experiences. We aim for our children to know more and remember more through the curriculum that they experience.

Our curriculum incorporates the Statutory requirements of the National curriculum but is also unique to our school. We have shaped a curriculum that is delivered through weekly lessons (in maths, English, science, R.E. and P.E.) and also through a blocked approach (in history, geography, art, D.T., music, computing and French) - this has been developed by our children and staff and we passionately believe that this is the right approach for our school.

Our children develop their learning skills through our Ds - within each curriculum subject, our children Dive, Delve, Discuss, Discover, Design, Draft, Develop and Demonstrate. This approach will be developed further throughout the 2021/2022 academic year.

Our curriculum also encourages our pupils to grow as learners through our 'St. Thomas' Ten'. We also enrich our children's learning through curriculum based theme days, visits and visitors to school as we aim to provide our children with the cultural and social capital to flourish throughout their time with us and in their years beyond primary school.

* Please note that all of of our curriculum documents to the right will be updated throughout the Autumn term to reflect the new curriculum that we have shaped and designed.

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